Mysteries of History - Holy Grail

Niue Islands 2013 - $2 - Mysteries of History - Holy Grail - 2oz LIMITED Silver Coin

1.500 of these coins were issued by Mint of Poland!
This silver coin comes with an Agate stone and is dedicated to the mysteries of history.

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Country Niue Islands
Year 2013
Face Value currency Dollar
Face Value number 2
Metal Silver - with Stone
Fineness 925/1000
Weight 2oz - 62,2g
Diameter 50 mm
Mintage 1500
Quality Proof
Certificate of authenticity yes
Presentation Case yes
Price $291.33
Coin Story

The Holy Grail is a dish, plate, stone, or cup that is part of an important theme of Arthurian literature. A grail, wondrous but not explicitly holy, first appears in Perceval le Gallois, an unfinished romance by Chrétien de Troyes: it is a processional salver used to serve at a feast. Chrétien's story attracted many continuators, translators and interpreters in the later 12th and early 13th centuries, including Wolfram von Eschenbach, who makes the grail a great precious stone that fell from the sky. The Grail legend became interwoven with legends of the Holy Chalice. The connection with Joseph of Arimathea and with vessels associated with the Last Supper and crucifixion of Jesus, dates from Robert de Boron's Joseph d'Arimathie (late 12th century) in which Joseph receives the Grail from an apparition of Jesus and sends it with his followers to Great Britain. Building upon this theme, later writers recounted how Joseph used the Grail to catch Christ's blood while interring him and how he founded a line of guardians to keep it safe in Britain. The legend may combine Christian lore with a Celtic myth of a cauldron endowed with special powers.

Reverse Design

The reverse image of the coin depicts the Holy Grail of Valencia Cathedral - the cup that according to the word of mouth was to be used by Jesus during the Last Supper. The relic was donated to the Cathedral by King Alfonso V of Aragon in 1437, but the stone goblet made of agate comes from between the second century BC and the first century AD. The decoration of a red agate is therefore on the silver coin. The gold coin is decorated with a purple Swarovski crystal, whose colour symbolizes the passion and death of Christ.

Obverse Design

The obverse of the coins presents a scene depicting King Arthur and his Knights, departing in quest of the Holy Grail.


The Mysteries of History - Holy Grail silver coin comes encapsuled, in a presentation case, with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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