Oddities of Nature - Pronghorn

Niue Islands 2010 - $1 - Oddities of Nature - Pronghorn - 28,28g LIMITED Silver Coin

9.000 of these coins were issued by Mint of Poland!
This silver proof coin is dedicated to nature and its inhabitants.

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Country Niue Islands
Year 2010
Face Value currency Dollar
Face Value number 1
Metal Silver
Fineness 925/1000
Weight 28,28g
Dimensions 40 x 40 mm
Mintage 9000
Quality Proof
Certificate of authenticity yes
Presentation Case no
Price $57.33
Coin Story

The fastest animal in the Western hemisphere. Many people know the cheetah is the fastest runner, reaching speeds of up to 100 km/h. However, at that speed it can’t cover much more than 200 metres, and then must lie down for half an hour, panting heavily. The pronghorn can run several kilometres at 90 km/h! Why did nature create such a wonder, when just half that speed would be enough to flee all the pumas, wolves and coyotes? This skill may be a legacy from 18 000 years ago, when the pronghorn shared its prairie habitat with the American cheetah. We don’t know how that cheetah ran, but it was probably to escape it that this incredible machine, the pronghorn, evolved. Running speed and endurance depend on how fast the body can supply oxygen to the muscles. The efficiency of lungs in the pronghorn is five times that of any similar animal, it has five times as much haemoglobin and a few other improvements, too.

Reverse Design

In the central part of the coin: three acts of the pronghorn’s run. In the background: a mountainous landscape. At the bottom, along the rim the inscription: ANTILOCAPRA AMERICANA (Latin name of the pronghorn).

Obverse Design

In the central part of the coin: an image of a head of the queen with the inscription: Elizabeth II, 2010 the mark of the Mint of Poland (MW). Below it, along the rim the inscription: 1 Dollar. In the background: images of animal’s tracks and plants. On the left side, along the rim the inscription: Niue Island.


The Oddities of Nature - Pronghorn silver coin comes encapsuled, with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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