L'Amour Toujours - Proof

Cameroon 2011 - 1000 Francs CFA - L'Amour Toujour - 20g LIMITED Silver Coin

Low Mintage, only 2.500 of these very special coins have been issued by Coin Invest Trust!
This silver coin is dedicated to Love.

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Country Cameroon
Year 2011
Face Value currency Franc CFA
Face Value number 1000
Metal Silver
Fineness 999/1000
Weight 20g
Diameter 38,61 mm
Mintage 2500
Quality Proof
Certificate of authenticity yes
Presentation Case no
Price $80.73
Coin Story

The swan has always inspired human fantasy. It already appeared in Greek and Nordic mythology. For instance, Kara the Swan Queen of the Valkyries, defeated her enemies by flying over them singing angrily. Since the 16th century the swan has been a symbol in numerous images of the reformer Martin Luther and on church roofs. Nowadays, this elegant water bird is associated with purity, love and fidelity.
The swan is not only symbolically, but also visually, an expression of charm, grace and cordiality. Especially when two of the species look at one another and their long, elegant flowing necks form the shape of a heart.

Reverse Design

The reverse depicts two swans, who come together forming a heart (with their necks). The swans oscillate when you move the coin, and therefore they offset themselves against the silver background. Regardless in which context: Enjoy this coin edition with an astonished smile. Heart symbols combined with 3D-hologram technology in high relief has been implemented on a proof- and an antique-finish- coin for the first time.

Obverse Design

Each coin features the Republic of Cameroon coat of arms. The name of the issuing nation ‘REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN’ appears along the top edge and the face value of ‘1000 FRANCS CFA’ is indicated in the exergue.


The L'Amour Toujour coin comes encapsuled with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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