Édouard Manet

France 2008 - 0.25€ - Édouard Manet - 15g LIMITED Silver Coin

10.000 of these coins have been issued by Monnaie de Paris!
This silver coin is dedicated to Art.

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Country France
Year 2008
Face Value currency Euro
Face Value number 1/4
Metal Silver
Fineness 900/1000
Weight 15g
Dimensions 30 x 21 mm
Mintage 100
Quality Uncirculated
Certificate of authenticity yes
Presentation Case yes
Price $115.83
Coin Story

Édouard Manet (23 January 1832 – 30 April 1883) was a French painter. He was one of the first 19th-century artists to paint modern life, and a pivotal figure in the transition from Realism to Impressionism. His early masterworks, The Luncheon on the Grass (Le déjeuner sur l'herbe) and Olympia, both 1863, caused great controversy and served as rallying points for the young painters who would create Impressionism. Today, these are considered watershed paintings that mark the genesis of modern art.

Reverse Design

The reverse features one of Manet's most famous paintings: "Olympia" from 1863. The issuing country "RF", as well as Manet's signature are also featured on the reverse.

Obverse Design

The obverse features an image of Manet, his birth and death, the insriptions "Liberte", "Egalite", and "Fraternite", the denomination, and brushes (painting in color).


The Édouard Manet coin comes in a presentation case with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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