Great Commanders - Chingiz Khan

Kazakhstan 2008 - 100 Tenge - Great Commanders - Chingiz Khan - 1oz LIMITED Silver Coin

13.000 of these coins were issued by Mint of Poland!
This gilded silver coin is dedicated to great commanders throughout history.

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Country Kazakhstan
Year 2008
Face Value currency Tenge
Face Value number 100
Metal Silver
Fineness 925/1000
Weight 1oz - 31,1g
Diameter 38,61 mm
Mintage 13000
Quality Proof
Certificate of authenticity yes
Presentation Case no
Price $92.43
Coin Story

When we look back to the past, we see that the courage, bravery, heroism and charisma of great personalities have always aroused not only people’s admiration and respect, but also submission, and even fear. However, such strong characters contributed to the rapid development of the areas they conquered. This is why it is worthwhile to remember the times of great commanders whose deeds and triumphs got down in history. To meet the expectations of numismatic collectors, the Mint of Poland started the “Great Commanders” series under an international program.

Genghis Khan, born Temüjin, was the founder and Great Khan (emperor) of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his demise. He came to power by uniting many of the nomadic tribes of northeast Asia. After founding the Mongol Empire and being proclaimed "Genghis Khan," he started the Mongol invasions that resulted in the conquest of most of Eurasia. These included raids or invasions of the Kara-Khitan Khanate, Caucasus, Khwarezmid Empire, Western Xia and Jin dynasties. These campaigns were often accompanied by wholesale massacres of the civilian populations – especially in the Khwarezmian and Xia controlled lands. By the end of his life, the Mongol Empire occupied a substantial portion of Central Asia and China. Before Genghis Khan died, he assigned Ögedei Khan as his successor and split his empire into khanates among his sons and grandsons. He died in 1227 after defeating the Western Xia. He was buried in an unmarked grave somewhere in Mongolia at an unknown location. His descendants extended the Mongol Empire across most of Eurasia by conquering or creating vassal states out of all of modern-day China, Korea, the Caucasus, Central Asia, and substantial portions of modern Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. Many of these invasions repeated the earlier large-scale slaughters of local populations. As a result Genghis Khan and his empire have a fearsome reputation in local histories. Beyond his military accomplishments, Genghis Khan also advanced the Mongol Empire in other ways. He decreed the adoption of the Uyghur script as the Mongol Empire's writing system. He also practiced meritocracy and encouraged religious tolerance in the Mongol Empire while unifying the nomadic tribes of northeast Asia. Present-day Mongolians regard him as the founding father of Mongolia

Reverse Design

In the centre – an image of Chingiz Khan, sitting on a horse at a background of his army. At the top, along the edge – a semicircular inscription: CHINGIZ KHAN 1162-1227. At the bottom, on the left side – an alloy symbol (Ag 925). On the right side – a total weight of the coin (31,10 g).

Obverse Design

In the centre – an image of a warrior of Chingiz Khan army, riding a horse and shooting a bow. On the left side of the warrior – the gilding State Emblem of the Republic of Kazkhstan. Under the Emblem – a nominal value (100 Tenge). Under the warrior, on the right side – a year of issue (2008). Along the edge – a semicircular inscription in Kazakh and English languages: REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN.


The Great Commanders - Chingiz Khan coin comes encapsuled, with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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