Cartoon Characters - Nu Pogodi!

Niue Islands 2010 - $1 - Cartoon Characters - Nu Pogodi! - 14,14 LIMITED Silver Coin

8.000 of these coins were issued by Mint of Poland!
This silver coin comes with pad printing and is dedicated to Cartoon Characters.

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Country Niue Islands
Year 2010
Face Value currency Dollar
Face Value number 1
Metal Silver
Fineness 925/1000
Weight 14,14g
Diameter 32 mm
Mintage 8000
Quality Proof
Certificate of authenticity yes
Presentation Case no
Price $57.33
Coin Story

Mint of Poland presents ”Cartoon Characters” - a series of commemorative coins dedicated to the most recognizable cartoon characters of the world.

“You just wait” (Russian: "Ну, погоди!") is a cult cartoon produced by the Moscow film studio, Sojuzmultfilm. The cartoon tells a story of the two main characters, the Wolf and the Hare. The first sixteen episodes were shot in the years 1969-1986. The originator of the series, director Alexander Kotyonotchkin, employed Klara Rumianova (Hare) and Anatoly Papanov (Wolf) to dub the lead characters. Following the death of the actor in 1987 the production of the series was put on hold. It was only on the 25th anniversary of the cartoon’s creation that additional two episodes were shot in which the lines spoken by the Wolf were dubbed using the previous Papanov dubbings. In 2005 Kotyonotchkin’s son, Alexey, decided to shoot two extra episodes and presented a new version of the classic, with new actors dubbing the characters.

The main characters of the series present two contrasting figures. The Wolf is a hooligan and a bully, and the Hare is an innocent child with big blue eyes and pink cheeks. Contrary to the Wolf, the Hare is interested in the cultural events and the environment, while being a victim and an instigator at the same time. Each episode presents the trials and tribulations of the main characters in different settings. In addition, the director ensured that each story represented some specific features of the times. The driving force behind the Wolf’s actions is his desire to eat the Hare. The Wolf keeps chasing this particular hare, ignoring other potential victims. It is the Wolf’s continued failures inevitably leading to defeat that provide the comical in the series. Despite representing the adult world and being a great performer at many a sport, the Wolf always loses at the end of each episode, and says the following: “Nu Zayats, pogodi!” (You just wait!).

Reverse Design

In the central part of the coin: the characters of the Wolf and Hare (depicted using pad printing), with the celluloid in the background and selected frames from the cartoon. At the top the inscription in Russian : НУ, ПОГОДИ! (Nu, pogodi!).

Obverse Design

In the central part of the coin: a stylized image of the celluloid with selected scenes depicting interesting cartoon characters. To the left, at the top, along the edge the inscription: ELIZABETH II, to the right: 1 Dollar, the mark of the Mint: MW. At the bottom the inscription: Niue Island.


The Cartoon Characters - Nu Pogodi! silver coin comes encapsuled, with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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