Baccarat - French Excellency 10€

France 2014 - 10€ - Baccarat - French Excellency - 22.2g LIMITED Silver Coin

10.000 of these coins have been issued by Monnaie de Paris!
This silver coin is dedicated to French Excellency.

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Country France
Year 2014
Face Value currency Euro
Face Value number 10
Metal Silver
Fineness 900/1000
Weight 22,2g
Diameter 37 mm
Mintage 10000
Quality Proof
Certificate of authenticity yes
Presentation Case yes
Price $80.73
Coin Story

Combining metal and crystal, the series has been completed in close cooperation with both houses. A long work of graphical researches was conducted by Monnaie de Paris engravers to develop this series that represents the subtle patterns of to art pieces designed by Baccarat and the red color, emblem of the house.
Monnaie de Paris is the oldest institution of France, fully qualified teacher of the label « Entreprise du patrimoine vivant » and « Joaillerie de France ». Leaning on the excellence and the ancestral character of its techniques, the creative craftsmen draw, engrave, knock, print, polish and gild. They immortalise the tradition of the struck medal, the unique and specific know-how, marked with an awl, the horn of plenty, parking of the origin and the authenticity.
Monnaie de Paris is registered the history and the French culture in the noble metal. Craftsmen engravers immortalize and develop a know-how, a fruit of a tradition of 12 centuries. The heart of job by the Parisian workshops is the monetary strike. This technique is transposed into the manufacturing of medals and constitutes the exceptional character. All the medals are manufactured, created to celebrate and commemorate an event of the life.

Reverse Design

The reverse emphasizes the know-how: on the background, the pattern represents the design of the glass created for Tsar Nicholas II (Alexander II’s grandson), and the rich drawing of its foot. A blower drawn in a contemporary way forms a glass that appears in hollow on the coin. The face value is inscribed on this unit, using an octagon to draw the figure 0. One of those figures is colored, as a reference to Baccarat’s distinctive red octagon.

Obverse Design

The obverse of the coin presents the pattern of the Tsarina’s pedestal table’s tray. This table was ordered to Baccarat by Tsar Alexander II for his wife, Tsarina Marie Alexandrovna. It is part of a series composed of a pedestal table, a fountain and a candelabra. The RF symbol is placed in the centre of the coin; it is a reproduction of the republican monogram used on the presidency of the French Republic’s Baccarat service.


The Baccarat - French Excellency silver coin comes in a black box, Monnaie de Paris’ logo is marked with silver plating. A numbered certificate of authenticity goes with this set.

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