Great Commanders - Tomyris

Kazakhstan 2010 - 100 Tenge - Great Commanders - Tomyris - 1oz LIMITED Silver Coin

13.000 of these coins were issued by Mint of Poland!
This gilded silver coin is dedicated to great commanders throughout history.

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Land Kazakhstan
Jahr 2010
Währung Tenge
Nominalwert Zahl 100
Metall Siber - vergoldet
Feinheitsgrad 925/1000
Gewicht 1oz - 31,1g
Durchmesser 38,61 mm
Mintage 13000
Qualität Proof
Echtheitszertifikat ja
Präsentationsbox nein
Price €79.00
Coin Story

When we look back to the past, we see that the courage, bravery, heroism and charisma of great personalities have always aroused not only people’s admiration and respect, but also submission, and even fear. However, such strong characters contributed to the rapid development of the areas they conquered. This is why it is worthwhile to remember the times of great commanders whose deeds and triumphs got down in history. To meet the expectations of numismatic collectors, the Mint of Poland started the “Great Commanders” series under an international program.

Tomyris, also called Thomyris, Tomris, Tomiride, or Queen Tomiri, was an ancient Eastern Iranian empress who reigned over the Massagetae, a Scythian pastoral-nomadic confederation of Central Asia east of the Caspian Sea, in parts of modern-day Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, western Uzbekistan, and southern Kazakhstan. Tomyris led her armies to defend her nation against attack by Cyrus the Great of the Achaemenid Empire, and defeated and killed him in 530 BC. Tomyris is mentioned by several ancient writers, among whom the first is Herodotus. She is also mentioned by Strabo, Polyaenus, Cassiodorus, and Jordanes.

Reverse Design

Represented on the reverse, there is the embossed image of Queen Tomiris surrounded by her warriors. It is said that she cut off her breast and rode into battle when her husband's head was brought back to her. Tomiris slayed Cyrus the Great (the Persian King circa 5th century BC) with her own hands.She kept his head near her at all times and drank fine wine from it until the day of her death.The upper part of the coin comprises the inscription indicating the designation of metal, its fineness and the coin’s pure weight as well as the Queen’s name in English.

Obverse Design

The obverse design features the gilded image of the State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the inscription of the coin’s face value below it. There is also the trademark of Kazakhstan Mint of the National Bank of Kazakhstan and the year of the coin’s mintage. Some warriors on horseback are depicted on the right. Along the rim of the coin, there is the legend “National Bank of Kazakhstan” both in Kazakh and English.


The Great Commanders - Tomyris silver coin comes encapsuled, with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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