Mecca Compass 2012

Niger 2012 - 1000 Francs CFA - Mecca Compass - 50g LIMITED Silver Coin

Low Mintage, only 1.434 of these very special coins have been issued by Coin Invest Trust!
This silver coin is dedicated to mecca pilgrims all over the world.

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Country Niger
Year 2012
Face Value currency Franc CFA
Face Value number 1000
Metal Silver
Fineness 999/1000
Weight 50g
Diameter 50 mm
Mintage 1434
Quality Proof
Certificate of authenticity yes
Presentation Case yes
Price $232.83
Coin Story

Regardless of one’s position anybody can find out in which direction Mecca is, by using of this special coin. Mecca, the birth place of Islam’s prophet Mohammed, is the Muslims’ holiest city. The Muslims’ most important pilgrimage site is visited by approx. 2,5 million pilgrims annually. The most significant destination in Mecca is the Kaaba, a cube shaped structure in the courtyard of the main mosque. Even before slamic times, the Kaaba was known as a sacred object. For Arabic tribes in he surrounding areas of Mecca at that time. The holy city is located in a desert-like basin surrounded by two mountain hains about 90 km from the Red Sea. Due to an increasing number of pilgrims over the last few years, the city has been frequently re-built in order to meet changing needs. It is strictly prohibited for Non-Muslims to set foot in this location.

Reverse Design

The reverse depicts a compass, which is always pointing into the direction of the city of Mecca. The image on the coin is very detailed and finely engraved into the background of the coin. The arrow, as well as the black stone embedded into the top of the coin, offset themselves from the rest of the coins reverse.

Obverse Design

The front of the coin depicts the republic of Niger coat of arms. The name of the issuing nation ‘REPUBLIC OF NIGER’ appears along the top edge and the face value of ‘1000 Francs CFA’ is indicated in the exergue.


The Mecca Compass coin comes in a special designed case with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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