Amber Router - Kaliningrad Proof

Niue Islands 2008 - $5 - Amber Router - Kaliningrad - 15,5g LIMITED Silver Coin

12.000 of these coins were issued by Mint of Poland!
This proof silver coin comes with an amber stone and is dedicated to the ancient amber route.

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Country Niue Islands
Year 2008
Face Value currency Dollar
Face Value number 5
Metal Silver
Fineness 900/1000
Weight 15,5g
Diameter 27 mm
Edge Serrated
Mintage 12000
Quality Proof
Certificate of authenticity yes
Presentation Case no
Price $69.03
Coin Story

Kaliningrad is the first coin of the collector series “Amber Route”. The coins, both silver and golden have the same design and are devoted to the city and its history. The city has been established by the Teutonic Knights in honor of a Czech king Ottokar II of Bohemia who led the Teutonic army during their expedition against Prussia. The name of the city has changed many times and till June 4th, 1946 it was called Königsberg (from German). Then the name was changed to the Russian Калининград (Kaliningrad). Even before all these changes the city used to be called: in Latin – Regiomontium, in Czech – Královec, in Lithuanian – Karaliaučius, in Prussian – Kunnegsgarbs and in Polish – Królewiec since the 16th, century and till the 16th, century – Królówgród. At present it is a city on the territory of Russia, located at the estuary of Pregolya at the Baltic Sea in a historical land Sambia. The city is the capital of the Kaliningrad Oblast – a Russian enclave having its borders with Poland and Lithuania. The beauty of the city which was formed by difficult historical events is very popular among tourists, especially from Germany, who visit first of all the city’s fortifications: the towers of Wrangel (Врангеля) and Der Dohna (Дер Дона), and the Amber Museum (Музей янтаря).

Reverse Design

In the centre, an inscription: KALININGRAD (name of the Russian city – point of the Amber Route). Under the inscription, a stylized images of pugios – small daggers used by Romans. Above the inscription, a stylized image of the Königsberg Castle; next to the castle, on the right, a stylized image of a coin, which the ambers were paid for in those times. Under the coin, on the right, an amber insert. At the bottom, along the edge, a semicircular inscription in Polish: SZLAK BURSZTYNOWY (Amber Route).

Obverse Design

In the centre, a stylized image of a cart, in which ambers were carried by the Romans from Baltic Sea to Italy. Behind the cart, on the left, a stylized image of a head of the Roman. On the background, a stylized image of a map with Baltic Sea outline. At the top, along the edge, a semicircular inscription: AMBER ROUTE. At the bottom, a semicircular inscription: NIUE ISLAND; above it, a nominal value: 1 Dollar. An image of the Queen Elizabeth II with the Mint’s mark (m/w), on the left of the cart. On the right of the Queen’s head, an inscription: ELIZABETH II; under it, a year of issue: 2008.


The Amber Router - Kaliningrad Gilded silver coin comes encapsuled, with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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