General Terms and Conditions of Business

Information obligations under section 246 EGBGB/ Taxing of cost by exertion of revocation/ Data protection regulations

The following conditions are valid for all business conducted by the Hevit GmbH, deliverables, deliveries and offers. We explicitly object contradictory business terms and conditions

§ 1 Realization of a contract, Maturity of the purchasing price, Invoice
All products, presented on this webpage by the Hevit GmbH (vendor), are noncommittal. The user/visitor is summoned to submit a contractional offer either in writing, via telefax, or Email. The vendor can accept this, for the customer, mandatory offer by writing, Email, telefax, or through distribution of the merchandise, within the next seven days. If the offer is not accepted within this period, it is considered as rejected. The possibility, to submit a new offer, remains untouched. An acknowledgement of your Email, or of your submitted offer, does not apply as an acceptance of your offer, unless the confirmation is connected with an explicit acceptance. During the ordering procedure, which is started by clicking the “Order” Button, the customer has to submit the requested information into the order screen. The order takes effect, as soon as the customer hits the “Confirm Order” Button at the end of the ordering procedure. With an acquisition of the contract the purchasing price is due. At your request, we will submit the invoice by letter, otherwise you will receive your invoice via Email.

§ 2 Input Error
The recognition and adjustment of input errors within your orders is ensured through a control page, which will be displayed before you submit your order. You are able to see and check all details of the ordering process, and get to cancel your order if necessary. If necessary information is missing, a distinct indicator will be shown.

§ 3 Payment and shipment, Reservation of ownership, Prices
1. You can pay via PayPal or bank transfer. Deliveries take place solely against advance payment, if the vendor decides to accept the contract through delivery of the products. The commodity stays property of the vendor, in any case, until the payment is completely transferred.
2. The delivery will be conducted no later than 7 days, to the, by the customers stated address, after the payment is received.
3. All stated prices are final prices excl. turnover tax (19%), provided that turnover tax has to be charged by law, plus shipping cost. The shipping cost are dependant on the order and delivery country. You will be informed (your invoice) in cases where no turnover tax has to be applied (see § 25c UstG). 

§ 4 Obligations of the customer, to carry shipping costs, in case of withdrawal of the order
Herewith, it is agreed, that you have to carry the shipping cost, in case of return of the products you have purchased, if the delivered products are conform with the ordered products, and the amount does not exceed $45, or if you have not (at a higher price of the Good) rendered the counter performance (agreed payment) at the time of the cancellation of the order.

§ 5 Storage and retrieval of the text of the contract
The text of the contract will be transmitted acceptance of the offer, and/or (again) with the invoice. The text of the contract will be stored for the time of the performance of the contract, after that, it will no longer be stored.

§ 6 Contract language
The contract language is English.

§ 7 Liability, Warranty
Legal provisions apply

§ 8 Place of jurisdiction
If the contractional partner is a merchant, a legal entity of public law, or a separate property (fund) governed by public law, respectively, if the customer has no permanent resident in the Federal Republic of Germany, the vendors place of business applies as the place of jurisdiction.

§ 9 Privacy
Every web sever registers independent hits on various websites. When you visit one of our sites, the web server of our hoster will save your IP-address and the date of the hit, the URL, every information that is transmitted and the content you have accessed, in order to secure system security. This information remains anonymous to us at all times. So, we cannot draw any interferences about any person. Further, personal information, will only be ascertained if the user voluntarily submits information, e.g. when registering at our site or purchasing items from our site.
All data you submit to the vendor (see imprint) will only be processed and used, in order to fulfill the contractional agreement. If you decide to register for our newsletter, your data will also be used to transmit these newsletters. They will be deleted, when you unsubscribe. Your data (name and address) will be forwarded to the delivery corporation, if this is necessary for delivery. On top of that we will use your data for our accounting department, if this is necessary for the payment transaction. We will not transfer you data to third parties, other then the ones listed here, and we will not give them out for promotion purposes, or grant their usage. As soon as the contract is fully concluded, we will lock your data and delete it, as soon as tax- and commercial law regulations will grant it. Naturally, you can always demand disclosure about the storage of your data and, if applicable, demand the adjustment, blockage, or the deletion of your data. If you have any questions about the usage of your data, you can always contact us via Email, or telefax through the contact information presented in the imprint. Furthermore, your browser always communicates with the so-called cookies. They are data, which are supposed to make the surfing in the Internet user-friendlier. You can disable the storage of your cookies in your web browser.
We can only give out your personal data in very few instances, provided that they are important for prosecution, averting danger, fulfillment of statutory levies, constitution protection authorities, military counter-intelligence services, respectively, for the enforcement of rights of intellectual property.

§ 10 Cancellation policy
Please note: According to §312 subparagraph 4 number 6 BGB there is no cancellation right for the delivery of goods, whose price is connected to variations on the financial market, on which the vendor has no influence and which can occur during the cancellation duty. Precious metal coins, which are bought, due to their precious metal concentration (content), are excluded from cancellation, because precious metal prices undergo strong variations on the financial markets on which the vendor has no influence.

Cancellation right

You can cancel the contractual declaration within 14 days via textual form (letter, telefax, Email), or if you have already received the good, through sending back the item, without any statement of reason. The deadline starts after receiving this indoctrination in textual form, nevertheless, not before receiving the purchased item (if receiving recurring deliveries of the same kind, not before receiving the first partial delivery) and not prior to the fulfillment of our information obligations, according to article 246 § 2 in connection to § 1 subparagraph 1 and 2 EGBGB, as well as our duties according to 312g subparagraph 1 sentence 1 BGB in connection to article 246 § 3 EGBGB. In order to preserve the cancellation deadline, it is enough, to seasonably send your cancellation or return the items (in time).

Direct you cancellation to:

Hevit GmbH
Kantstrasse 154
DE-10623 Berlin
Faxnummer: +49 (0)30 218 99 39
Telefonnummer: +49 (0)30 218 45 06

Cancellation consequences
In case of an effective cancellation, both sides have to return received deliverables and, respectively, return drawn benefits (e.g.: interest). If you cannot return received deliverables and benefits, or cannot partially return, or can only return in worse condition, you have to compensate us to the respective extent. You only have to compensate for the worsening of the goods, or benefits, if the worsening, or usage, can be tracked to the dealings with the goods, which exceeds the examination of the properties and the functionalities. The “examination of the properties and the functionalities” means, testing the goods, like you would usually do in a store (retail business). Goods, consignable by parcel post, are returnable at our own risk. You have to carry the shipping cost, if the delivered products are conform with the ordered products, and the amount does not exceed $45, or if you have not (at a higher price of the Good) rendered the counter performance (agreed payment, or partial payment of the goods) at the time of the cancellation of the order. Otherwise, the return is free from charge. We will pick up goods, which are not consignable by parcel post. Refund obligations, with respect to payments, have to be met within 30 days. The deadline starts, with forwarding your cancellation declaration or when we receive the good (if you send it back).

End of Cancellation policy